• Education Bureau Registration Number:575690, 597600

Terms and Conditions

  1. Quota is limited and seats will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis to those who have completed the enrolment procedure.
  2. For payment by bank transfer, please return the transaction advice by email or fax to acknowledge receipt.
  3. Personal Data provided in the application form will be used by our Centre for the purposes relating to application, admission and course promotion.
  4. Only the enroled person can attend the course, no substitutions is allowed. Friend / Relative is not welcomed to sit in on any class.
  5. Our Centre reserves the right to reject any application in any circumstances and for whatever reasons. Payment of fees should only be construed as conditional acceptance of application.
  6. Our Centre reserves the right to replace the trainer and/or amend the contents, venue and/or time as may be necessary.
  7. Our Centre shall not be liable to any party for any loss or damage to your property or any property in your possession in the course of engaging with us or participating in courses as arranged by our Centre.
  8. Student who fulfils 80% attendance in any course could apply an electronic certificate of attendance within two years after course completion. No application will be accepted after two years.
  9. Our Centre shall not reissue / reprint official receipt after course completion.
  10. In case of typhoon or adverse weather, special class arrangement will be announced on website or FACEBOOK fan page.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notification.

Refund Policies

  1. In case of a course is full or being cancelled, enrolment fee will be refunded to course applicant.
  2. In case of a course cannot be operated according to the arrangement specified in the fee receipt and student declines the revised arrangement offered by our Centre, enrolment fee will be refunded to course applicant.
  3. Apart from the above cases, enrolment fee (in full or in part) is not transferable or refundable.
  4. No refund or alternative compensation will be given under any circumstances for absences from the class by the student. However, make-up classes could be arranged, except for CEH & CHFI course.
  5. In case of refund, our Centre will notify individually and refund payment will be arranged in cheque within one month.


  1. 所有課程學位有限,先到先得(以完成報名程序為準),額滿即止。
  2. 如使用銀行轉帳,繳費後請保留銀行發出的繳費通知書正本以傳真或電郵至本中心職員。
  3. 所收集的個人資料將會作處理申請報讀課程、入學及課程推廣之用。
  4. 各項課程只準報讀學員本人上課,不准別人代替或帶親友旁聽。
  5. 本中心保留在任何情況下及以任何原因拒絕任何入學申請的權利。閣下繳付學費後,仍須符合入學的所有條件,其申請方可獲得接納。
  6. 本中心保留在有需要的情況下更改講師及/或課程內容、授課地點、日期及/或時間的權利。
  7. 學員上課期間請注意人身及財物安全,任何身體損傷或財物損失,本中心概不負責。
  8. 凡修讀任何課程,出席率達80%以上者,可於課程完結後兩年內申請電子聽講證書, 逾期恕不接受辦理。
  9. 本中心不重發或重印已完結的課程收據。
  10. 颱風或暴雨訊號下的課堂安排,請留意本校之網站或FACEBOOK專頁公佈。



  1. 如果課程滿額或取消,報讀者可獲退還已繳付之款項。
  2. 如果課程不能按照收據中的日期、時間或安排進行,而報讀者拒絕本中心提供的修改安排,報讀者可獲退還已繳付之款項。
  3. 除以上情況外,一切已繳付的費用(不論全費或部份)一概不得轉讓或退還。
  4. 學員凡因任何理由(包括生病、私人理由或工作安排)而缺席上課可與本中心職員聯絡作補課安排﹝CEH 及 CHFI 課程除外﹞,但本中心不會安排退款或任何形式的賠償。
  5. 有關退款,本中心會個別通知報讀者有關安排,已繳費用將於一個月內以支票型式退回。