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Privacy Policy

At Great Learning Education Centre Limited (hereinafter called the “Great Learning”), we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy in compliance with Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. This policy explains how we collect and handle Personal Data.

1. Uses of Personal Data

The personal data we collected, retained, processed, used and transferred (within or outside Hong Kong) is for the purposes of:

    • Handling enquiries
    • Processing applications for admission and registration
    • Issuing officials receipt and proof of attendance
    • Verifying your identity for training and examination
    • Processing applications for examination booking and registration
    • Purchasing your courseware, license and/or exam voucher
    • Collecting user feedback and conducting analyses
    • Endorsing certificate application for applicants


2. You are required to provide your accurate personal data, other than those items not indicated as compulsory. Failure to provide such data may lead to inability to receive services from Great Learning.


3. Disclosure and transfer of Personal Data

We may disclose Personal Data to third parties in the following circumstances:

    • If we have obtained your consent to do so.
    • Booking examination from Accredited Examination Institute and pre-registering examination for candidates.
    • Purchasing official courseware, license or exam voucher from Accredited Institute.
    • Customer support service communications with third parties such as Accredited Examination Institute.


4. Access and Correction of Personal Data

You have the right to request for access, correction and deletion of your Personal Data held by Great Learning. However, you acknowledge and accept that upon deletion of specific Personal Data may lead to inability to receive services from Great Learning.

You can make your request by completing the Data Access Request Form (OPS003) available from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (https://www.pcpd.org.hk/english/publications/files/Dforme.pdf) and/or submitting the request in writing; and sending the details to privacy@greatlearning.edu.hk. Your request will be answered in 40 days. A reasonable fee may be charged for the processing of certain data access requests.


5. Amendments to Policy

This policy may be updated from time to time. The update will be posted on https://www.greatlearning.edu.hk/students-notice/privacy/. In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of this Statement, the English version shall prevail.


Updated on 29 July 2019.



1. 使用資料


  • 處理查詢
  • 處理入學申請和課程註冊
  • 簽發正式收據和出席證明
  • 驗證學員和考生的身份
  • 處理考試申請,訂考試卷和考試註冊
  • 為學員購買課程材料、使用証或考試劵
  • 收集意見及資料分析
  • 為學員處理証書申請背書


2. 學員需提供正確的個人資料,非必填的資料除外。 如未能提供正確資料或會導致不能接收本中心所提供的服務。


3. 披露及轉移個人資料


  • 得到學員同意
  • 為學員向專屬考試機構訂考試卷及為考生做預先考試登記
  • 為學員向專屬機構訂購課程材料、使用証或考試劵
  • 與第三方(如專屬考試機構) 為學員作客服支援


4. 查閱、改正及刪除資料

學員有權向本中心要求查閱,更正和刪除本人的個人數料。 但是,學員承認並同意,刪除特定的個人資料可能導致無法接收本中心的服務。
學員如需查詢、改正或刪除其個人資料,可填妥個人資料私隱專員公署的查閱資料要求表格 (OPS003) (https://www.pcpd.org.hk/chinese/publications/files/Dformc.pdf),或以書面形式申請,並電郵至 privacy@greatlearning.edu.hk。在收到學員提出的要求後,本中心將在40天內給予回覆。本中心將會酌情收取行政費用。


5. 修訂政策條例

此政策將會在https://www.greatlearning.edu.hk/students-notice/privacy/ 定期更新。中英文版本如有出入,將以英文版本為準。