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Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI v8) Official Course

An introductory course, Fundamentals of Forensics Certificate, is also available.


  CHFI presents detailed methodological approach to computer forensics and evidence analysis. It is a comprehensive course covering major forensic investigation scenarios that enables students to acquire necessary hands-on experience on various forensic investigation techniques and standard forensic tools necessary to successfully carry out a computer forensic investigation leading to prosecution of perpetrators.
  To claim CPE for CISA and / or CISSP.
Why Great Learning?
  We are the EC-Council Authorized Training Center (ATC).
  We have solid experience in delivering IT security courses.


  Course Objectives:    

Computer hacking forensic investigation is the process of detecting hacking attacks and properly extracting evidence to report the crime and conduct audits to prevent future attacks.

Computer crime in today’s cyber world is on the rise. Computer Investigation techniques are being used by police, government and corporate entities globally and many of them turn to EC-Council for our Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator CHFI Certification Program. Computer Security and Computer investigations are changing terms. More tools are invented daily for conducting Computer Investigations, be it computer crime, digital forensics, computer investigations, or even standard computer data recovery, The tools and techniques covered in EC-Council’s CHFI program will prepare the student to conduct computer investigations using groundbreaking digital forensics technologies.

Computer forensics is simply the application of computer investigation and analysis techniques in the interests of determining potential legal evidence. Evidence might be sought in a wide range of computer crime or misuse, including but not limited to theft of trade secrets, theft of or destruction of intellectual property, and fraud. CHFI investigators can draw on an array of methods for discovering data that resides in a computer system, or recovering deleted, encrypted, or damaged file information known as computer data recovery.

  Target Students:    
  Police and other law enforcement personnel, Defense and Military personnel, e-Business Security professionals, Systems administrators, Legal professionals, Banking, Insurance and other professionals, Government agencies, IT managers.
  Chinese or English    
  Certified EC-Council Instructor    
  Course Contents:    

Module 01: Computer Forensics in Today’s World
Module 02: Computer Forensics Investigation Process
Module 03: Searching and Seizing of Computers
Module 04: Digital Evidence
Module 05: First Responder Procedures
Module 06: Incident Handling
Module 07: Computer Forensics Lab
Module 08: Understanding Hard Disks and File Systems
Module 09: Digital Media Devices
Module 10: CD/DVD Forensics
Module 11: Windows Linux Macintosh Boot Process
Module 12: Windows Forensics I
Module 13: Windows Forensics II
Module 14: Linux Forensics
Module 15: Mac Forensics
Module 16: Data Acquisition and Duplication
Module 17: Recovering Deleted Files and Deleted Partitions
Module 18: Forensics Investigations Using AccessData FTK
Module 19: Forensics Investigations Using Encase
Module 20: Steganography
Module 21: Image Files Forensics
Module 22: Audio file forensics
Module 23: Video File Forensics
Module 24: Application Password Crackers
Module 25: Log Capturing and Event Correlation
Module 26: Network Forensics and Investigating Logs
Module 27: Investigating Network Traffic
Module 28: Router Forensics
Module 29: Investigating Wireless Attacks
Module 30: Investigating Web Attacks
Module 31: Investigating DoS Attacks
Module 32: Investigating virus, Trojan, spyware and Rootkit Attacks
Module 33: Investigating Internet Crimes‧1. Internet Crimes
Module 34: Tracking Emails and Investigating Email Crimes
Module 35: PDA Forensics
Module 36: Blackberry Forensics
Module 37: iPod and iPhone Forensics
Module 38: Cell Phone Forensics
Module 39: USB Forensics
Module 40: Printer Forensics
Module 41: Investigating Corporate Espionage
Module 42: Investigating Computer Data Breaches
Module 43: Investigating Trademark and Copyright Infringement
Module 44: Investigating Sexual Harassment Incidents
Module 45: Investigating Child Pornography Cases
Module 46: Investigating Identity Theft Cases
Module 47: Investigating Defamation over Websites and Blog Postings
Module 48: Investigating Social Networking Websites for Evidences
Module 49: Investigation Search Keywords
Module 50: Investigative Reports
Module 51: Becoming an Expert Witness
Module 52: How to Become a Digital Detective
Module 53: Computer Forensics for Lawyers
Module 54: Law and Computer Forensics
Module 55: Computer Forensics and Legal Compliance
Module 56: Security Policies
Module 57: Risk Assessment
Module 58: Evaluation and Certification of Information Systems
Module 59: Ethics in Computer Forensics
Module 60: Computer Forensic Tools
Module 61: Windows Based Command Line Tools
Module 62: Windows Based GUI Tools
Module 63: Forensics Frameworks
Module 64: Forensics Investigation Templates
Module 65: Computer Forensics Consulting Companies

  Official CHFI v8 training kit    

HK$ 18,500 (includes exam fee)


Fee: included
Duration: 4 hours
No. of Questions: 150
Passing Score: 70%

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  Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator    
  Enrollment for Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI V8)    

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Tentatively on Feb 2017
Price: HK$ 18,500
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